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Years of Expertise


We are experts with decades of experience dealing with the aftermaths of a fire.



After a flood or other water emergency, it’s vital that you call a team of restoration professionals.



When called upon after a storm has hit your home or business, we respond immediately.



When you think mold might be present, it’s important to act quickly.

QCi Restoration can help

For over three decades QCi Restoration has been helping our customers through the process of restoring their damaged homes and businesses. Our highly trained, professional team is here for you from the beginning through to completion.

When Dealing With Disaster…

…your biggest challenge is the disruption of your daily routine. You want to clean up the mess, make the repairs and get life back to normal as soon as possible. The fastest way to do this is to call a professional restoration contractor.

QCi Restoration is a truly professional contractor, dedicated to helping homeowners and businesses through the process of property loss recovery. We are committed to reducing the financial, physical, and emotional impact associated with property damage. All of our employees are qualified in the restoration processes, and trained to provide the best customer service, understanding that you are facing an extremely stressful situation...

At QCi Restoration, we are in the business of restoration and have created this site to provide information about our company, our team, our services, and our business philosophy. We also want to share information about our industry, what you should expect from the restoration process, and what you should expect from a professional restoration company.

We have over 30 years’ experience but we strive every day to improve. We are continually striving to deliver outstanding customer service; to be detailed and efficient in our business process; and to create and maintain long-term relationships with our customers.

The Response Team 1 Promise and QCi Restoration Commitment

QCi Restoration is a Response Team 1 company and we are committed to helping people get life back to normal after a disaster. With decades of experience in quickly responding to large commercial and residential losses and community weather events, Response Team 1 serves the continental U.S. from 30 strategic locations.

Response Team 1 promises that you can call anytime for immediate assistance and we will be on the job ASAP.

The pros from Response Team 1 are equipped with the tools and experience to handle your restoration, renovation or reconstruction project.
Response Team 1 is fully bonded and insured.
Response Team 1 works with all major insurance companies.
Response Team 1 is a responsible company in our community.
More information is available at www.responseteam1.com.

Our mission…

QCi Restoration is a leader in the restoration industry by consistently providing distinctive service, by sharing our passion for efficiency, honesty and detail.
Our mission is … Helping people get life back to normal.

We Work For You…

Every day we carefully monitor our restoration projects to meet our strict quality controls standards and to confirm customer satisfaction. Our prompt, personal, high quality service sets us apart from the rest.
We deliver a well-coordinated restoration project:

Quick Response.
Quality Workmanship.
Years of Expertise.